Watching Sean Hannity Is Worse Than Smoking Three Packs a Day

You’ve probably already heard the news that watching Sean Hannity is dangerous to your health, but you want to see the chart, don’t you? Here it is:
This is from “Misinformation During a Pandemic,” and it shows the increase in COVID-19 cases and deaths in counties that had high viewership levels of Sean Hannity’s show—where he pooh-poohed the danger of the pandemic—compared to Tucker Carlson’s show—where he told people to take the pandemic seriously. The Hannity viewers took his advice, and a lot of them ended up dead as a result:
Our estimates imply that a one standard deviation greater viewership difference is associated with 2 percent more deaths on March 21, 5 percent more deaths on March 28, and 8 percent more deaths on April 8, and 10 percent more deaths on April 11.
Of course, Hannity is small potatoes compared to the big kahuna, Donald Trump. I wonder how many people he’s killing every day?