WATCH: Trump Escalates Attacks On Journalists, Tosses Top Hispanic Anchor From News Conference

Just weeks after coming under fire for attacking a Fox News host, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump on Tuesday ejected a top Hispanic news anchor from a news conference for, well, trying to ask a question.

The anchor, Jorge Ramos, works for Univision, which is being sued by the real estate mogul over their decision to drop coverage of Miss USA and Miss Universe after Trump made outrageous claims about Mexican immigrants. Earlier this month, Trump also attacked Fox News host Megyn Kelly after she asked him tough questions at the first GOP debate.

From The Daily Beast:

Journalist Jorge Ramos was kicked out of an Iowa press conference Tuesday while trying to ask Donald Trump a question. Trump yelled “Go back to Univision” while refusing to take a question from Ramos. He was later allowed back in to the press conference, at which point he asked Trump how he would deport 11 million people to which Trump responded: “Very humanely.” “Do you know how many Hispanics work for me? Thousands,” Trump said later in the exchange. “You know how many Hispanics have worked for me over the years? Tens of thousands.” Ramos later said, “My job was purely journalistic. My job is to ask questions.”

In order to carry the news conference live, CNN bumped Anderson Cooper‘s Hurricane Katrina 10-year-anniversary special, “CNN Special Report: Katrina: The Storm That Never Stopped.” The special will now air on Wednesday.

Should CNN have run the Hurricane Katrina special instead of “The Donald Trump Show?” Sound off in the comments…



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