Warrant shows man threatened to kill Judge's family

A man is wanted after threatening to kill the children of a Cobb County Superior Court Judge. Authorities said Daniel Cobble made the threat in a letter to Judge Reuben Green.

Cobble is currently in a state prison in south Georgia for stalking, terroristic threats and obstruction. From behind prison walls, authorities said he sent a letter to the Cobb Superior Courthouse.

In the warrant, taken out by Cobb Sheriff’s authorities, it states Cobble threatened to “kill Judge Green’s children” if filed motions are not answered. Court records showed Cobble has filed numerous motions over the years including a hand-written one just two months ago.

Neighbors on the street in Powder Springs where Cobble lived before he went to prison in 2003, said he had made previous threats in the past. Previous warrants showed Cobble wrote letters in 2013 to his neighbors and his ex-wife saying he would kill them.

Court records show Cobble’s family has fought against him getting parole.

“They send letters to the courthouse and the judge and D.A. so that he cannot get out, because they said they didn’t want him on the street,” said family friend, Connie Lee.

This isn’t the first time someone has made threats against Judge Green’s children. In 2014 a man was found guilty, but mentally ill, for sending a letter to Judge Green’s wife threatening to kill their children.

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