Vigil for Clayton County teen gunned down on New Year's Eve

Lots of tears outside Mundy’s Mill High School Thursday night. Friends gathered to remember classmate, Cherish Williams, who was gunned down New Year’s Eve.

Cherish was a senior at Mundy’s Mill in Clayton County. “She had potential, she wanted to graduate, she had dreams and a lot of people that loved her,” says a friend, Nasmehidy Santana.

Cherish Williams was sitting in a car with friends at Independence Park listening to music. Police say three robbers approached them and even though they handed over $50, they still shot Cherish.

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Cherish’s mom, Robin Ried, vows to find the killer. “We are going to find out who did this to my baby,” says Ried.

No arrests have been made, but earlier this week, police said they were working a few strong leads. That’s encouraging news for Ried. “We got hope, we got faith that justice is going to be served for Cherish,” says Ried.

Cherish’s funeral is Saturday. Her family says she was looking forward to having a graduation banner with her photo on it. A friend is trying to take that one step further and is raising money for a billboard with Cherish’s photo so people can see it on their way to the funeral home.

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