Trump Wants to Pretend That COVID-19 Is Over

For indispensable reporting on the coronavirus crisis and more, subscribe to Mother Jones’ newsletters.From the LA Times:

The Trump administration, eager to claim victory over the coronavirus, has been considering scaling back the national emergency declared earlier this year to control the pandemic, according to healthcare industry officials who have spoken with the administration.
….Several industry officials interviewed by The Times said they’d received indications over the last week from the Trump administration that lifting emergency declarations was being considered. “It was very much under discussion,” said one industry official, who asked not to be identified to avoid jeopardizing relationships with the administration.

Sure, that makes sense. If we test less, we’ll look better. If we lift the emergency declaration, it means everything is OK. As long as people die without anyone making a big fuss about it on TV—which is Donald Trump’s only gauge of reality—then America is great again.
The White House, naturally, denies they’re planning to do this, but I assume we all know what a White House denial is worth these days.