Trump Trade Deficit Keeps Soaring

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Ha ha ha. The latest trade deficit numbers are out for the second quarter, and Donald Trump still can’t get it right:
It keeps going up and up! Other countries are laughing at us! Even that weakling Obama had a better trade deficit! What a pathetic performance from Donald Trump. He’s just making America weaker and weaker.
POSTSCRIPT: This is a joke. Nobody should really care if the trade deficit is going up a bit. What’s more, if Trump were ever smart enough to look at the complete figures for goods and services, it turns out that the trade deficit went down slightly this quarter. Of course, that would force Trump to admit that (a) services are actual things (b) our annual trade deficit is about $500 billion, not $800 billion, (c) our trade deficit with China is closer to $300 billion than $400 billion, and (d) we have a trade surplus with Canada