Trump Explains George Washington’s Air Superiority Strategy

An exhausted George Washington leads his troops after their historic victory at Trenton Airport.Edward Percy Moran (c. 1914)

Our commander-in-chief said yesterday that the Continental Army “suffered the bitter winter of Valley Forge, found glory across the waters of the Delaware, and seized victory from Cornwallis of Yorktown.” Fine. But then he said that they also manned the ramparts and “took over the airports.” Today he explains:

Trump said his Teleprompter went out “right in the middle of that sentence” when he said that the Continental Army took over nonexistent airports. He added, “I guess the rain knocked out the Teleprompter…it was actually hard to look at anyway, ’cause it was rain all over.”
— Daniel Dale (@ddale8) July 5, 2019

Roger that.