Today Is the Greatest Day Ever

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I was at the market today and they had big sacks of M&Ms on sale. Two for seven bucks. Then I wandered to a different part of the store, and there were a whole bunch of crates full of half-price stuff—including the very same M&Ms I had seen in the candy aisle. But these were on sale for half off the regular price of $5.
So which was it? $3.50 or $2.50? The only way to find out was to buy one, so in the name of science that’s what I did. Here’s the answer:
They were on sale for $3.50, but everything in the crates was half off, so the final price was $1.75. Maybe I should buy more. M&Ms never go bad, do they?
To memorialize this great day, I also have an answer to one of the great philosophical questions of all time: Is it really turtles all the way down? As you can see, the answer is no. It’s just the one.