Thieves Caught on Camera during Smash and Grab at Clothing Store

Bandits in northeast Atlanta are caught on tape backing a pickup truck into a boutique and stealing thousands of dollars in clothing.

It happened about 4:30 Thursday morning at Fly Chix’s Boutique on Edgewood Avenue. Surveillance video shows about 10 suspects filing into the businesses grabbing sneakers and custom merchandise before three cars speed away.

The owner’s sister says she feels very violated.

“Unreal, unbelievable. Thanking God that no one was here that could be hurt because of how blatant and dangerous they seemed to be,” Monique McCain told us.

“They had a least 10 people with the same goal in mind, so I would have hated for one of us to have been in their way, ” McCain told us.

Atlanta police spotted the three cars initially, but lost them. Detectives are trying to find out if any of the cars in the smash and grab were stolen from Platinum Automotive on Northside Drive the night before.

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