Thief Steals Valuable Item While Family Honors Loved One

A family honoring and remembering their loved one who recently passed away were robbed of precious memories. While painting a mural to honor 26-year-old Laura Calle, who family members said was well known in the Atlanta art community, a thief broke into Laura’s sister’s car.

“As soon as a I heard a window crash, when I looked, you saw someone go into my car, grab my laptop and then get in the getaway car and sped away,” said Valentina Calle.

Valentina said her laptop was filled with pictures and a video she put together for her sister’s funeral who died last Wednesday.

“I want every bit of her to grasp onto, and by taking my laptop, they took that from me a little bit,” said Valentina.

In surveillance video, you can see the thief smash the car window. Someone documenting the painting of the mural caught the car taking off from the restaurant parking lot on Wylie Street and run a stop sign while turning onto Krog Street.

Laura was the programming director for Living Walls. Her family told FOX 5 she used art to make better communities in Atlanta.

“So young and she did a lot of things, actually more than most people on this planet,” said Laura’s uncle, Victor Hugo Romero.

Work on the mural started Sunday. It brought people from all over, including the artist who flew in from New Jersey. The artist, Lunar New Year honored Laura through portraits, the Colombian flag, flowers and birds.

“She was a person that was full of life and energy, and this is one minute way to capture who she was,” said Lunar New Year.

Laura’s sister is hoping someone has information about her laptop and returns it.

“If anyone is out there watching, I really just want my memories back,” said Valentina.

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