The reason behind David Perdue’s second West Wing visit in a week

WASHINGTON — If there was a such thing as a White House loyal visitor card, U.S. Sen. David Perdue would be close to winning a free sandwich.

Georgia’s junior senator today made his second visit to the West Wing in less than a week for a meeting with President Donald Trump. Unlike last week, when he was part of a large group of Capitol Hill Republicans sent to talk about the bevy of issues on Congress’ plate, this visit was much more intimate and targeted. Both showcase his growing pull with the new president.

Perdue and Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., were there to discuss legal immigration with Trump, specifically a bill they introduced last month that would slash by more than half both the number of legal immigrants and refugees allowed to enter the country.

In other words, their legislation would codify some of the immigration proposals floated by Trump himself.

“This is a first step,” Perdue said back in February of his bill. “It’s not a sweeping, comprehensive attempt to solve all legal immigration problems, nor does it address illegal issues. We are simply trying today to bring a rational, compassionate approach to this different issue within the immigration conversation.”

The trio also discussed the economy and health care, according to Perdue’s office.

What’s encouraging is that President Trump is doing what he promised, and I think people are noticing,” Perdue said in a statement after the meeting. 

Perdue was not the only Georgian to have some face time with Trump today. Rep. Tom Graves, R-Ranger, a member of the House GOP whip team, was also at the White House for a presidential confab. There he is, third from the left:


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