The bipartisan duo strikes again: Deal taps Reed’s wife to coveted post

Let it never be said that Gov. Nathan Deal’s friendship with Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is faltering in the final days of their two political terms.

The governor has appointed Reed’s wife Sarah-Elizabeth Reed to the powerful Board of Regents, which oversees the state’s higher education system, passing over many GOP donors and other allies who have long sought that seat.

The governor’s office pointed to her credentials in announcing her appointment: She holds a law degree from Howard University, sits on several non-profit boards and has won awards in early childhood education.

But her appointment is also rife with political symbolism, the latest testament to a bipartisan friendship that has survived two re-election campaigns, a break over Deal’s failing schools initiative and, now, two presidential administrations.



Where Deal once looked to Reed for help with the Obama administration, Hizzoner must turn to Deal for some pull with Trump’s White House.

And the GOP governor has signaled he’s more than willing to help.

His top aide, Chris Riley, has assailed critics of Reed on Twitter who have questioned the mayor’s legacy. He recently invited the mayor to speak to a group of state agency heads about leadership.

And now the governor has tapped Reed’s wife for a coveted spot on the higher education system – a gig that will last well into his successor’s term.

Insider’s Note: This item was ripped from the Morning Jolt.

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