Tempe Police Release Video of Uber Pedestrian Collision

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The Tempe Police Department has released video from the Uber car that hit a pedestrian on Sunday. Here’s the front-facing video at the 3.2 second mark:
By eyesight alone, there’s nothing there. And here it is one second later:
There are a few things we can tentatively say:

The pedestrian was crossing in shadow and was virtually invisible a second before the crash. It’s unlikely any human driver could have avoided this collision.
But the Uber car also has lidar and radar. Why didn’t those pick up the pedestrian?
Also: one second might be too short a time for a human to react more than minimally, but it’s plenty of time for a computer. Maybe the Uber car couldn’t have avoided the collision completely, but it doesn’t seem to have reacted at all. Why?

Here’s the full video: