Tell Us Your Story: How Is the Spread of Coronavirus Already Disrupting Your Everyday Life?

For this week’s episode of the Mother Jones Podcast, we want to hear from you: How has the spread of the coronavirus across the United States already disrupted your everyday life—and how are you coping?
Call (510) 519-MOJO. That’s (510) 519-6656‬.
You’ll hear our host Jamilah King give you instructions on how to introduce yourself and leave your story on our voicemail. We may air your story on this week’s episode of the podcast.
We want to hear your stories about how you’ve been coping with disrupted or reduced work or class schedules, how people in your community are supporting each other, what you’ve been doing to help others cope, and how you’ve been navigating guidance from health officials and other leaders.
Perhaps you are caring for someone with health problems and trying to be extra vigilant while doing your best to keep up with the demands? Maybe your work meetings have been cancelled and the next three months have been thrown into disarray? Maybe you’re a shift worker or in the casual workforce, and you’re making plans for how to make ends meet?
That number again: (510) 519-MOJO.