Stephen Colbert Breaks Down All the Scandals Surrounding Michael Cohen

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It’s a difficult task keeping up with the mounting legal troubles engulfing Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s longtime personal lawyer.
There’s last month’s FBI raid into Cohen’s offices, Rudy Giuliani’s baffling statements confirming the president reimbursed Cohen for money to silence adult film star Stormy Daniels, and documents this week that reportedly show a firm connected to a Russian oligarch paid Cohen $500,000. Those documents also revealed Cohen was aggressively pitching large corporations access to the president shortly after the 2016 election.
If all that has left you reaching for a stiff drink, Stephen Colbert has a useful breakdown of Cohen—a “man who looks like cigarettes smell”—and the embattled Trump fixer’s seemingly never-ending scandals. The Late Show host also made sure not to spare corporations like AT&T for seeking insight into Trump via Cohen. 
“You paid for insight into this administration? He’s a horny old racist who likes cheeseburgers more than his children. $200,000 please.”