Stacey Abrams Gives a Powerful Early Morning Speech as Georgia Governor Race Remains Too Close to Call

Stephen B. Morton/AP

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Democrat Stacey Abrams, who is running against secretary of state Brian Kemp for governor in Georgia, gave a rousing speech to her supporters who had hung on for hours watching the incredibly close race. She quickly made clear she was not giving up the race. With Kemp up by just about 150,000 votes,  many observers think the race is destined to a run off.
She promised voters very early Wednesday morning that they would get a “do-over” in a rousing battle cry. “Democracy only works when we work for it. When we fight for it. When we demand it. And apparently, today, when we stand in lines for hours to meet it at the ballot box.”
The speech ended in a chant she led:
“Say it with me, ‘We are Georgia! We are Georgia!’”
Watch the full speech here: