Season 6 of “The Wire” May Star Trump Campaign Aide

The hot gossip about the indictments issued today is this: Was George Papadopoulos wearing a wire? Papadopoulos is a small fish who was arrested in July, but his arrest was kept secret until today. Why? In a court filing, investigators said it was because they wanted to preserve Papadopoulos’s value as a “proactive cooperator”—a term of art that means the defendant will engage in some kind of undercover activity. Allahpundit lays out the basic theory:
Imagine Papadopoulos phoning a former top Team Trump official in early August to say, “They’ve arrested me! I don’t know what to do! I think I should tell them everything and make a deal!” He might have been told no, no, no, stay calm, deny X, Y, and Z, we’ll make sure Mueller never finds our emails from the campaign. And meanwhile, unbeknownst to the target, Mueller’s recording the entire conversation on Papadopoulos’s end.
Maybe! It’s best not to get carried away with this kind of stuff right now, but we all want to keep up to date on the latest lurid speculation, don’t we?¹
¹You don’t? Then why are you reading a blog on your lunch hour?