Search for violent home invaders

Clarkston police are hoping the public takes a good look at sketches they released Thursday of two of the three men they said were involved in a home invasion. Police said one of the men forced a 16-year-old girl into her room and sexual battered her while the other two beat the adult male in the home and robbed him.

The family told News Radio 106.7’s Christy Hutchings that they moved to metro Atlanta area from Haiti for a chance at a better life. The woman said her brother and niece are shook up after the attack. She didn’t know who the men were, but she is hoping someone out there knows and can help police catch them.

Shortly after midnight on January 26, three men armed with guns and a stun gun, kicked in a door at the Portofino apartment complex in Clarkston. Police said they demanded cash, and access to a safe.

Investigators believe the man who is accused of battering the teenage girl is the leader.

“The force they used. The weapons, they were carrying, and just the nonchalant attitude they had. They could care less,” said Clarkston Detective Jasond Elliott.

Detective Elliot said once inside, two of the suspects attacked the adult male.

“They kicked him a few times in the head. While he was down they ended up stomping his head into the ground causing his face to hit the floor,” said Detective Elliott.

While that was going on, the other suspect grabbed the man’s 16-year-old niece and took her into another room.

“He attempted to sexually batter her. Fortunately for some reason when his partners walked into the room he quickly backed off as if he did not want his partners to see what a scumbag he really is,” said Detective Elliott.

Also inside the home was a 5-year-old little girl, sleeping in a bedroom.

“I don’t think they even noticed her in the room while she was sleeping,” said Detective Elliott.

The men ran off with an undisclosed amount of cash. Clarkston is home to many refugees looking for a better life, not to be assaulted. Detective Elliot said finding the men involved is crucial.

“If we don’t get them off the street, I’d be afraid they would hit again,” said Detective Elliott.

Currently, a Georgia Bureau of Investigation sketch artist is working on a composite of the third suspect.

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