Scott Pruitt Is Sleeping Great These Days on a Trump Mattress

For chrissake, Scott, it’s just a relabeled Serta mattress. Try to contain yourself.Trump Home

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Here’s the latest on our nation’s hardworking EPA chief:

In mid-September, the Environmental Protection Agency administrator’s director of scheduling and advance, Millan Hupp, contacted the Trump International Hotel in Washington with an unusual request. Hupp wanted to know how much the hotel would charge EPA chief Scott Pruitt for purchasing one of its used mattresses.
Hupp’s search for a discount “Trump Home Luxury Plush Euro Pillow Top” mattress, which she detailed in a recent interview with congressional investigators, was one of several unusual tasks she performed for the administrator. The senior EPA official also scouted apartments for her boss in some of the District’s hippest neighborhoods and helped arrange his family vacation to California over the New Year’s holiday so that the Pruitts could watch the Oklahoma Sooners play in the Rose Bowl.

What a brown-noser. How are things going, Scott? Great, Mr. President, thanks to you! Glad to hear it. Well, I got a Trump mattress and I’m sleeping like a baby these days. I chose those mattresses myself, you know. There’s nothing but quality in the Trump brand!