Rockdale Sheriff: Mother's lie leads to arrest

The Sheriff of Rockdale County is very upset over how a tall tale has frightened the people of Rockdale County, and tells FOX 5 News the woman behind a lie is behind bars.

“We spent tons of hours and resources investigating this case, and we’ve got the whole community and subdivision in an uproar,” said Sheriff Eric Levett.

Kiara Partin, 32, was arrested Wednesday for filing a false report with deputies and providing a false written statement, and the Sheriff said the crimes are a misdemeanor and a felony.

Deputies said on Feb. 22, Partin claimed she and her daughter were ambushed late that night by robbers who took her family’s cash, while one of them tried to touch her inappropriately.

Residents in the Stoney Brook subdivision were very concerned over the alleged attack.

Officials with the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office told FOX 5 News about the search for suspects last week, and cautioned neighbors to be careful coming home late at night.

The Sheriff said Partin later confessed to making up the story.

“I think that made me more madder than anything,” Sheriff Levett said, over community fears following Partin’s report to investigators. Sheriff Levett told FOX 5 he will speak at the neighborhood’s community safety meeting this month, and now must tell neighbors that the report was a false alarm.

Levitt said he does not know why Partin made up her statements, but said he hopes her charges are a lesson to others that lying to law enforcement is a serious crime – and waste of taxpayer dollars.

“It’s not worth it to involve local law enforcement to cover up something you’re doing. It’s best to face the music,” Sheriff Levett said.

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