Republicans, Republicans Everywhere, But Where Are the Democrats?

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It’s amazing. President Trump gets front-page treatment for holding a routine campaign rally. Kellyanne Conway gets front-page treatment for appearing on Fox News and pretending to be sad about Hillary Clinton’s extremism. Heidi Heitkamp gets front-page treatment for the same thing. Trump gets yet more front-page treatment for writing an op-ed in USA Today “in which almost every sentence contained a misleading statement or a falsehood.”¹ Melania Trump gets front-page treatment for saying that victims of sexual abuse need “really hard evidence.” Ivanka Trump gets front-page treatment for saying she won’t become UN ambassador. Nikki Haley gets Beyoncé-style front-page treatment (eight pieces in yesterday’s New York Times) just because no one can figure out why she’s resigning at this precise micro-instant of time.
Meanwhile, you’d barely even know that Democrats are also running a campaign. Practically the only mention they get is when some member of the Trump administration attacks them. Welcome to 2018.
¹That’s Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post in his fact-check column.