Remember Leaving Twitter Forever for All of 2 Minutes? Get Back on for Ella Fitzgerald and the Armstrong House.

For indispensable reporting on the coronavirus crisis and more, subscribe to Mother Jones’ newsletters.I’m a latecomer to the microblogging and social networking service Twitter but firmly aware that all the trappings and opportunity costs are real—an attentional quicksand, with bargain-bin goodies and top-shelf prizes. I fully support taking a clean break, never again to look at—what’s that? Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong?
@ArmstrongHouse is a treasure, the lively account of the Louis Armstrong House Museum in Queens, where Louis lived for 30 years, and it’s a National Historic Landmark open to the public. @ArmstrongHouse reminded the world yesterday that July 23 marked a key moment in music history:

Can’t let the day pass without mentioning that the recording of “Ella and Louis Again” commenced on this date in 1957! Here’s the original 2-LP gatefold cover, featuring some beautiful color photos by Phil Stern. Listen now and improve your mood instantly!
— Louis Armstrong (@ArmstrongHouse) July 24, 2020

YouTube also has us covered: Listen to all of Ella and Louis Again to welcome your weekend. If you haven’t joined microblogging Twitter or video-sharing YouTube, don’t feel you have to; this weekend can be absent of each (for two minutes).

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