Quiz: Which Has Gone Up More, Dog Food or Cat Food?

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Today is a slo-o-o-o-o-w day. In addition, I experimented yesterday to see if I could force myself to stay awake all day, and I mostly did. However, there’s no fooling the evil dex: it just slammed me into a coma today instead.
But like I said, nothing much is going on, so no harm done. Instead, here is something to amuse you: the inflation-adjusted prices of dog and cat food over the past 30 years.
UPDATE: The orange line is dog food. Its price has increased more than cat food, though I have no idea why.
Your assignment is to decide which line is which. One of them is more expensive than it was in 1985. The other is cheaper. But which is it? Dog food or cat food? You must include your reasoning in your answer.