Quarantine Project #1 Part 2: Sitting On My Butt Taking Pictures

And now for the conclusion of flora and fauna in our front yard as photographed without moving from my chair. First up is our hummingbird. This is not technically a great shot, but I was fascinated by the spread-out, backlit tail feathers, which I haven’t seen before.
This is a true geranium. I’m sure it’s of some specific variety, but I don’t know which one.
Here’s an itsy bitsy spider climing down our gate post. Possibly Phidippus workmani?
Another true geranium. This one is Geranium Biokovo, the 2015 Perennial Plant Association Plant of the Year.
This is another one of our bees. I’m including it because it just happens to be a very nice, sharp picture of a bee in flight.
This is a salvia of some variety.
Here’s a clever little wasp who thought he could hide from me.
Another geranium! This one is a Geranium Karmina.
And finally, no survey of the local flora and fauna is complete without a picture of the apex predator, the queen of the jungle herself, Hopper. She loves the garden and frequently hides herself in the deep plants to take a nice little snooze.