Puppy rescued from burning home thanks firefighters

Little Hex is lucky to be alive and this weekend she was able to thank all those who worked to save her.

In October, a fire tore through the home where Hex was staying. As firefighters made their way through the building, they came across the small puppy, badly burned and gasping for breath. Firefighters rescued her from the home and gave her oxygen, but there were no signs of response from the little creature for at least 20 minutes. Still, the firefighters did not give up. They kept Hex on oxygen until they eventually saw her little tail wag, so they rushed her off to the Regional Emergency Animal Care Hospital of Asheville (R.E.A.C.H.).

Firefighters would eventually describe Hex as the “only survivable part” of the home.

Hex was severely burned and suffering from smoke inhalation, but the animal community came together to help her recover.

She eventually was placed in the care of the Asheville Humane Society while being treated for free by the Animal Hospital of North Asheville.

After numerous surgeries and skin grafts with specialists, she was fostered out to a Registered Veterinary Technician who gave Hex more than just clean bandages, food and a place to stay.

After months of recovery, Hex was healthy enough to say thank you to the firefighters who pulled her from that burning home and gave her a second chance at life. In a video posted by the Asheville Fire Department, Hex can be seen running around the room and giving kisses to the first responders.

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