Pot Biz Demands More Pot Busts

Deleigh Hermes/zReportage.com via ZUMA

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This cracks me up:

Six weeks after the state began licensing marijuana farming and sales, officials have received a flood of complaints about illegal pot operations and demands for a start to tough enforcement….”We really need enforcement in California given that the local licensees are really having to fight against the black market,” Stephanie Hopper, a representative of the firm Canndescent, which grows and sells marijuana in California, told the panel.
Hopper said illicit businesses are driving down the price of marijuana. Enforcement is needed “to make sure that we actually stand up this industry and that the regulated people actually have an opportunity to thrive.”

It’s no longer the drug warriors demanding strict enforcement of the law, it’s pot sellers. Times sure change, don’t they?
(And yes, I’m easily amused.)