Police: Woman used bogus bills to buy beauty

A Smyrna business owner said two customers ordered the works then slipped him some fake bills and blew out of his nail salon.

Smyrna Police said the bogus transaction happened at NP Nail Salon on Spring Road Friday night. Owner Peter Lam said the young women stayed in his salon more than three hours. He said things went south when he asked them to pay their $170 bill.

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“Immediately, I walk out and she throws the money to my co-worker and runs out the door. So I pick up one bill and I know it’s fake because I see the line of how they cut the money. It still had a copy on it,” the business owner said.

Lam said he tried to follow the customers when they ran out of his salon, but they were in a big hurry.

“They ran out and get in the car and almost ran over me. Driving away, they were driving a BMW, black old car without the tags on it,” Lam said.

Lam believes other businesses in the area may have received fake money, too.

Police said they are investigating.

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