Police seek 'squad' to fight gas station crimes

The Fulton County District Attorney proposes a police squad to patrol gas stations in Fulton county.

DA Paul Howard announced the $2 million initiative in a meeting with community stakeholders Tuesday. Fulton County Chairman John Eaves, Fulton County Police Chief Gary Stiles, Representatives from BP and Shell, Juvenile Court and a community advocacy group from South Fulton were among those present.

Mr. Howard said the 28-member team will include police officers from all cities in Fulton County and cost $2 million.

“The gas stations do not need to be taxed any further. I am recommending the commission pay $8,000 per gas station to fund the red cap squad. This would include all of Fulton County, we have found one of the worst gas stations for crime is on Roswell road,” Howard said.

Mr. Howard will present his red cap initiative to Police Chiefs in Fulton County cities at 8:30 Wednesday morning and the Fulton County Commission on Wednesday at 10 a.m.

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