Philippe Reines Is Writing a Book

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Atrios doesn’t like Philippe Reines:

One of the great mysteries of Clintonland is they both surrounded themselves with people who are truly horrible at their jobs.
Perhaps no one could have gotten good coverage for Clinton given the weird psychosis she inspires in the political press, but also Reines is uniquely bad at that job. He’s a horrible and incompetent person!

I’ve never met Reines and I don’t know anything about him. Maybe he’s a huge sexist pig. Maybe he lies constantly. Maybe he’s a gigantic pain in the ass.¹ Maybe he’s grossly incompetent at being a campaign spokesperson.
I doubt it, but you never know. But I will say two things about him. First, his Twitter account is great. Second, if he’s really writing a book, I will buy it the very first instant it appears. If I can steal a copy earlier than that, I’ll do it. It just might turn out to be the greatest campaign narrative ever told. Don’t let me down on this, Philippe.
¹Actually, even his friends seem to agree that he’s a pain in the ass, so I guess there’s no “maybe” about that one.