Obamacare Just Keeps Getting More and More Popular

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New Kaiser tracking poll results are out today, and Obamacare favorability took yet another jump upward. Overall, Obamacare is continuing its steady march toward widespread acceptance:
Since Obamacare kicked off in 2014, favorability ratings have steadily increased among Democrats (+25 points), independents (+23 points) and even among Republicans (+10 points). Among the entire country, favorability has increased from 34 percent to 54 percent. More than half of that gain has come since mid-2016, when acceptance of Obamacare inflected upward and just kept on going. At the same time, unfavorable opinions have dropped. The net approval rating of Obamacare since 2014 has increased from -16 percent to +12 percent.
Donald Trump may yet succeed in wrecking Obamacare, but if he does it will become more powerful than he can possibly imagine. Increasingly, America is just not interested in going back to the barbaric system we lived with for so long.