NYC attorney files legal complaint over Christmas display

A New York City attorney is asking a court to intervene in his Christmas gripe.

Nick Wilder said he has had about enough of his neighbor’s noisy reindeer display.

It features reindeer dancing to Christmas music.

While many neighbors said the kids love it, Wilder claims the song “Jingle Bells” has become the soundtrack of his nightmares.

“It’s blasting throughout the neighborhood, of ‘Jingle Bells,’ 800 times in a row. Any sane person is going to find that outrageous. And that’s what people are telling me,” said Wilder.

“If they heard it in the building, I would understand. But if they’re not hearing it in the building, there’s no reason why it can’t be on the street,” said resident Toby Birnbaum.

The court must decide if it will take up the case.

No word yet on a possible court date.

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