Mueller Is Done. Trump Is About To Go Nuclear.

Mother Jones; Alexey Agarishev/Sputnik/AP; Getty

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Special counsel Robert Mueller’s report is in. The investigation is over.
Just past 5 pm today, Attorney General William Barr announced that Mueller had delivered a report on his two-year investigation of the Trump-Russia scandal. It’s a topic Mother Jones’ Washington bureau chief, David Corn knows like few other journalists, and so we asked him to step into the studio immediately to help explain what it all means.
“We can assume that if there is anything in this report that might be inconvenient for the White House, the White House will fight to keep that from the public,” David told our host, Jamilah King. “[Trump] will try to delegitimize all subsequent efforts to tell the public what happened and to show the public what Trump did and didn’t do in terms of the Russian attack.” 
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