More Classified Documents Found in a Trump Storage Locker


Fight disinformation: Sign up for the free Mother Jones Daily newsletter and follow the news that matters.Donald Trump is a sordid individual, a man whose free time spans a spectrum of low-brow to debased. So the mere thought of having to rummage through his personal items is downright disgusting to me.
But that’s essentially what an outside team hired by Trump’s lawyers was tasked to do after a federal judge demanded that the former president search his own properties to ensure that he no longer possessed any classified documents. That order comes in a string of humiliations in the high-stakes saga over the improperly possessed secret documents uncovered at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort in August.
Oh, what’s that? Some more classified information was found once again? Yep, the Washington Post reports lawyers discovered at least two items marked classified inside a storage unit in West Palm Beach, Florida. Though absurd, this is far from surprising. Well, except for this detail that prompted an audible “what” from yours truly:

People familiar with the matter said the storage unit had a mix of boxes, gifts, suits and clothes, among other things. “It was suits and swords and wrestling belts and all sorts of things,” this person said. “To my knowledge, he has never even been to that storage unit. I don’t think anyone in Trump world could tell you what’s in that storage unit.”

Suits and swords and wrestling belts? All sorts of other things? I’m shutting down my imagination right now.