Mindset Training Is a Bust

“Mindset training” is a trendy practice designed to help students—especially marginalized students—do better in school by teaching them that their brainpower is not fixed forever, but can grow and change with effort. This is called a “growth mindset.”
But does it work? Several smallish studies have suggested it might, so recently a British team conducted a larger, more rigorous study. Without further ado, here are the results:
The effect was zero on every single metric. In fact, there was nothing even close to a significant effect. The mindset training simply produced nothing.
The more I read about education, the more I think everyone should give in and just admit that conservatives have it largely right. Direct instruction works. Phonics works. Discipline works. This doesn’t mean that classes have to be dreary rote drills all the time, but it does mean that most learning is still done the way it’s been done for centuries. Maybe that will change once we all have chips implanted in our brains, but that day is not yet.