Mike Pence Announces That Deficits Are OK Because They Help the Economy

Vice President Mike Pence says we shouldn’t worry our pretty heads about the federal deficit:

“The president came into office and he said, ‘First and foremost, we have to restore growth,’” Pence said. “Deficits and debt are right in line, but it is first about getting this economy moving again and we really do believe the trajectory of this economy,” Pence said.
….Asked about the debt-to-GDP ratio — which has grown from Obama’s tenure in the White House to Trump’s — Pence said Friday that “in a second term, we’ll continue to address those issues.”

So there you have it: deficits really do stimulate the economy. This certainly explains why Republicans were hellbent on keeping the deficit as low as possible during President Obama’s term in office but don’t care about it now that President Trump is in office. They certainly didn’t want to help the economy when Democrats were in power, after all.
By the way, here’s the trajectory of the economy that Pence believes so strongly in:
But vote Republican anyway! We already know they’ll fight tooth and nail against a strong economy if a Democrat is president, so what choice do we have?