Michelle Obama To Stump For Clinton Amid Faltering Lead, Looming Election Day

Popular First Lady Michelle Obama is scheduled to hit the campaign trail for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton on Friday in Virginia, the first of a series of appearances she will make, according to The New York Times.

Friday’s event will focus on registering voters before the state’s October 17th deadline, The Times reports. The First Lady is valuable to the Clinton campaign. In juxtaposition to Clinton, Obama continuously soars in popularity and reliability. She engages young people as an avid social media user and will help the campaign reach young Black voters and women – critical demographics Clinton needs to win the general election.

“When they go low, we go high,” she said during her July DNC address, bringing down the house with a speech that never formally named Clinton’s adversary, Donald Trump, but laid the framework in showing why Clinton would be an effective leader.

On Friday, the Clinton campaign is counting on Obama to bring that same tone and magic again. For Clinton, Obama “is a very trusted voice who has not seemed to have an agenda, and someone whose husband ran against Hillary and is now a big believer in her, so those words coming from Michelle Obama are especially meaningful,” said Jennifer Palmieri, Clinton’s communications director.

In the past, Obama has stayed away from political podiums, opting for campaigns that are more inclusive of children and the military, which manifest in “Let’s Move!,” the Joining Forces Initiative, and “Let Girls Learn.”

Obama has opted to throw her support behind efforts only if she believes her presence will surely turn the tide. She was candid about her husband’s bid for the presidency and her distaste for undercutting opponents to get ahead.

But over the past eight years, she has proved a vital asset to her husband; her likability rate stands above his. The last Gallup poll noted a 58 percent approval rate.

“She’s able to speak in an honest and relatable way that the American people can connect with,” said Jennifer Psaki, President Obama’s communications director and strategist.

We couldn’t agree more.

SOURCE: The New York Times | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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