Meet Tracy Rolle, District 1 City Council Candidate, South Fulton

My name is Tracy L. Rolle and I’m committed to making your voice heard in the City of South Fulton. Like many of you, I want to play an active role in making your community a stable, safer place to raise children, run a business and forge a future filled with unlimited promise. I have always been a part of the change I wish to see. Now I would like to take my experiences and resources to help our community continue to be a great choice for you and your family. This election will be important for everyone, even other cities that aspire to reach the place we are today, and it is vital that everyone participate in the selection process. As you learn about me I wish to assure you that I will be a candidate of Transparency, Accountability, and Fairness in Opportunities, I will also remain accessible to you, my constituents. Public safety is a major concern that I plan on making priority. Economic growth will spur in our economy if we incentivize businesses to come to South Fulton. This will provide employment to our residents and desired resources like restaurants, sports and entertainment and help to build a thriving downtown. The private sector will pay for any additional tax revenues needed to make this possible, thereby keeping down additional cost for you the residents. It takes your participation to vote council members who are qualified to provide solutions on day one, and keep your wishes. Building our City demands time, experience, resources and accountability. With your confidence and your vote I plan to bring the safety, stability, and growth we all desire. Transparency is needed as we start our city fresh and new. A unified community working together collaboratively will achieve far greater results than individual action. So I am asking you, to let me be your representative for a brighter future. Rolle with me Tracy L. Rolle I will fight for you!
To learn more about me and my experience visit