Meet Sam Bowen, District 2 City Council Candidate, South Fulton

There are simple solutions for South Fulton to build a strong foundation as a smart city. We must utilize the tools and wealth of resources within our district & city to move forward into the future with confidence and pride. My One City platform is about utilizing all that is available to be all that we can together.

As a resident of the South Fulton community for over 14 years I’ve witness and worked through many of the same issues that all residents face. I’ve also experienced the best of our city, through working with neighbors, other city entrepreneurs, schools, and HOA’s. On our journey to becoming a world-class city I believe our most powerful will be togetherness, in accomplishing our goals and setting the standard for excellence in all that we do.

With decades of experience in the tech industry, working as a Chief Information Officer for the Georgia Professional Standards Commission as well as work in the non-profit, public, and private sector leading teams, balancing budgets, and helping organizations make smart business decisions I believe that my work within the district and the city could be monumental to our success in public works, economic development, education, and fiscal responsibility.

As a new city, we can use proven tools to quickly solve problems, report crime public works issues, and to stay connected as neighborhoods, communities, and citizens.

Through the proposed One City tools we can use One App and One Number to enhance the quality of our government. With these tools citizens would be able to:

● Identify an issue in the city and send a text, photo or make a call to one city number to submit to the proper department.
● Easily send a message or alert to a city resource.
● Pay City Bills
● Stay connected with neighbors and families to easily share HOA messages, neighborhood and community events, and send child alerts in case of an emergency, or even if your child is headed to the neighbor’s house to play.

With One City we can work together to build safer communities. With One City we can improve public safety and public health, youth & education programming, and increase transparency making information on the State of the City accessible with the click of a button and with One App.

Through the use of technology I will work to establish a simplified and transparent “responsible bidders” procurement program for products and services for the city and partner with other city services to provide guided roadside signage for businesses and ensure T-SPLOST funded traffic improvements help increase customer accessibility for local businesses.

I will work tirelessly to increase senior services by partnering with niche providers like Gogo Grandparent to ensure that seniors have rides to access healthcare services and create campaigns and app alerts that offer neighbors low-cost exercise programs, health services, and access to locally owned fresh food providers.

With One Number all residents will be able to have direct line to city services and our government leaders.

Together, we can be a stronger, progressive, smart city.

My name is Sam Bowen and I believe that we can use the right technology tools to power our city forward.