Meet Nicholas Wilson, District 1 City Council Candidate, South Fulton

My understanding and knowledge of public service dates back to my early childhood. My father served on the City Council and my mother has served on the local school board for more than 20 years in the town I was raised. Public Service is our family business and I have continued to work throughout my life to make a positive impact on the community.

I had the distinct honor of serving in President Barack Obama’s Administration in the Department of Defense as the Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force. While serving as a White House Appointee, I was able to advance my knowledge helping to build the Air Force’s $120 billion budget, building public-private partnerships, negotiating intergovernmental agreements and increasing internal efficiencies which lead to strategic growth in valuable areas.

This experience has prepared me to insure that we can strategically increase economic development in our community — residents should be able to live, work, and play a stone’s throw away from home, it’s important that we attract jobs and bring opportunities for career advancement to our community and our children. I am dedicated to improvements in public safety and and building educational partnerships to create a better South Fulton for my family and yours is my #1 focus.

I believe we can build a city where everyone can prosper regardless of where we started in life or how many degrees we have earned. In order to have a city where everyone prospers, we need schools that are among the best in the state, we need streets that are safe to walk down and raise children, and we need to attract a diverse abundance of jobs. Thank you for this opportunity to serve the city where I am raising my family and want to serve yours. I look forward to the opportunity to earn your confidence and your vote.