Meet Mark Barker, District 7 City Council Candidate, South Fulton

I’ve lived in District 7 for over 20 years, and taken many pledges and worn many badges. My most important badge is that of a husband and father to my children and all of the children impacted through my work in area schools and my program Brothers United. I also had the honor of wearing the badge of a police officer, a protector of our community.

I also wear the badge of a community leader, insuring that the youth of our district are afforded opportunities to write their own narratives and insuring that narrative is not one that includes a life of crime. I wear the badge of a cook and public school parent, insuring that our youth are cared for in emergencies — like the 2014 snow storm that kept Renaissance Middle School students in the building overnight and I wore that badge proudly to make sure the children were cared for overnight.

I wear the badge of an educator, as a professor, teaching students both at Clark Atlanta University and through programming for Brothers United, aimed at empowering all men to have open discussions on important issues plaguing our community, especially African American men.

My next badge, with your support will be one of my proudest, worn as the City of South Fulton Council Member for District 7. As your councilman, I’ll continue to serve and work to increase community engagement by bringing SMART JUSTICE to South Fulton.

Strength,Service, Solutions. I look forward to increasing community engagement by creating a joint public safety task force, a law enforcement committee to collaborate with cities along our border, and through the launch of an Employ Our Community Program. I will communicate, listen, and engage with our youth to strengthen their trust in law enforcement and to create a better affinity between officers, students and the community.

Through Smart School Partnerships, I will lead programs that create opportunities for our young people to work, intern, and get practical work experience that could lead to long term career success. All of our programs should support the future of our youth and enable them to grow, become effective leaders, and return to South Fulton to open businesses, raise families, and be contributors to our economy.

I look forward to meeting you as I travel through District 7, I hope that I can earn your support and your vote.