Meet Kenneth Joe Sr, District 2 City Council Candidate, South Fulton

WHY AM I RUNNING FOR THE DISTRICT 2 COUNCILMAN SEAT? – Since 2006 my wife of 19 years and our son, have lived in the Walden Park Subdivision. My family and I love where we live. I know that becoming OUR OWN CITY, is still scary to a large percentage of our community. The 2016 Cityhood vote was 60% yes and 40% no. I knew we had a lot of proving to do to our neighbors who still didn’t feel comfortable with the idea of us being our OWN City. I knew after watching the Presidential Election unfold, it was time that we all stepped up to help lead and bring all of OUR Neighbors Together in a combined effort. I heard some rumblings from some of our neighbors who felt if someone opposed the Cityhood vote they should not be able to hold office or work for OUR New City. Having read this online and heard this in public meetings, my campaign slogan became clear: “Lets’ Build OUR New City TOGETHER!” After all, it will take all of us to do the hard work necessary to build the GREAT City we all want. We must have leaders that believe in this for us to truly reach our potential.

WHY I AM SEEKING YOUR VOTE? – “I FEEL THAT I HAVE SKILLS THAT CAN HELP OUR NEW CITY BE SUCCESSFUL”. I was also moved by the call to action by President Obama. It was clear to me that although like most people, I am too busy, already with a full plate, with not enough time in the day, Family, Church, Fraternity & Work responsibilities, “Our Community Needs All the Willing” right now. The Debate on whether we should or should not be a City is over. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER NOW! It doesn’t matter if you were part of the 80% who voted against being a City in 2007 or the 20% who voted for it. It Doesn’t matter if you were part of the 60% who voted for OUR City in 2016 or part of the 40% who didn’t. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER NOW. It doesn’t matter if you worked with organizations in support of OUR city or worked for the no vote. WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER NOW. No matter what side you were on, we all have a responsibility to ensure we build an infrastructure that enhances our community for our families and neighbors. We are linked together in this whether we like it or not. We OWE it to our CHILDREN to come together through positive dialogue to vote for the leaders with the skill sets needed to ensure OUR CITY IS GREAT! We have a lot of work to do! We are all EQUAL PARTNERS in this! Council Seats & the Mayor position is not about who has lived here the longest, whether you voted YES or NO, if you volunteer frequently, who your friends are, if your subdivision is bigger than others, who endorses you, how much money you have or any of the countless things that provide little to no evidence that you have the competencies necessary to ensure we build an infrastructure that will:
• Improve our schools
• Create a Partnership with our Police & Community
• Show Pride in OUR city by how clean it is and well maintained our roads and neighborhoods are
• Fostering Community Through Neighborhood Festivals and Community “Block/Subdivision Parties”
• Active Neighborhood Watch Programs in EVERY community that are supported by our elected leaders, police & neighborhood/subdivision leaders
• Statues & legislation that DETER “OPPORTUNISTIC CRIMINALS” from wanting to break the law within OUR CITY.
• Ensuring that we have a zoning plan that encourages diverse neighborhoods that include, shopping, culture, services that keep our dollars in our community and is attractive to new businesses & commercial development
• Services & housing that support the lifestyle of our Seniors & Youth
• Parks that are Clean, Attractive & encourages family picnics and recreational activities
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