Meet Jazzmin Cobble, District 3 City Council Candidate, Stonecrest

My family and I are excited to announce my candidacy for the District 3 City Council seat in the new City of Stonecrest and have an opportunity to play a role in shaping our community. As a fellow resident, a wife, and a mother I have a vested interest in seeing that each generation in the City of Stonecrest has the representation, guidance, and resources to enjoy life. Ensuring that our community can directly provide those things for our residents is of utmost importance and is more achievable now with the creation of the City of Stonecrest.
As we begin to shape our new city, investing time and resources into learning the wants and needs of our community is vital to our sustainability. Making meaningful efforts on an ongoing basis to get input from our residents is how our city government will obtain buy-in and support from our community. Pairing community input with data from market research and forecasts, we unlock unlimited opportunities to keep Stonecrest attractive and competitive. Studying market trends will help us plan for economic growth by combining smart zoning and effective code enforcement that will ensure Stonecrest is a welcoming place for business.
I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from my beloved alma mater, Albany State University, where I had the pleasure of serving as the Student Government Association President during my senior year. I also hold a Master of Public Administration with an emphasis in Government and Nonprofit Management from DeVry University. I have worked in state government for seven years through the Departments of Human Services, Community Health, and Public Health. I currently serve this great state of Georgia as the Operations Manager for the Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts. I believe that the combination of my educational background, professional experience and sincere desire to ensure the residents of our community have a direct line of communication with the leadership of our city are all assets for a representative of District 3.
Given the opportunity to serve our city, l will represent District 3 with an open ear, community mindfulness and unique perspectives fueled by an unparalleled genuineness to serve our entire community. I am eager to learn all that I can so that I can be a voice for my district and the City of Stonecrest now that it’s our turn to take the reins and build upon the foundation that has been set. Therefore, I humbly request the votes of my fellow District 3 neighbors on March 21st to be our City Council Representative.
-Mrs. Jazzmin Randall Cobble
Email: @CobbleforCouncilwoman~Twitter @JazzminCobble