Meet Gwen Rainey Gillespie, Mayor Candidate, South Fulton

Gwen Rainey Gillespie is a product of the South Fulton community for the past 59 years. Born and raised here, Gwen has lived through many changes in Fulton County. As an entrepreneur, she brings 32 years of past experience in the areas of public relations, front-line political campaign strategies, and human resources. Her professional background includes business management, marketing, event planning, program development, and implementing task as required to meet the needs of the various communities she has served. Gwen has established a track record of leadership over the past 20 years. Some career highlights are inclusive of funding proposals, collaborative agency interaction, published internal communication publications, and grant writing.

The vision of her campaign is to establish a process where the community will be included versus excluded about the decisions for the growth of the city South Fulton. Her campaign is strongly directed towards bridging the gap between the elected officials and the community. Her mission is to improve safety elements for our citizens, stimulate revenue from within, advance economic development, and enforce labor opportunities.

As a citizen of South Fulton, Gwen has mentioned throughout her campaign, that the need for strong leadership will determine the success of the new city. The need for strong leadership is why Gwen chose to take a stand and make a difference. Gwen mentioned in an interview, “It is my responsibility to stand up, educate, advocate, and enlighten the community to the reality of what South Fulton can and will become.”

Some interest points of her campaign include stimulating business corridors in areas such as Old National, Roosevelt Highway, South Fulton, Cascade, Fulton Industrial/Camp Creek. Some have thriving businesses and others have failed due to abandonment. It’s time to increase the growth of our city from within. It’s no secret that South Fulton has multiple areas of warehousing and commercial development. Therefore, it’s time to build from within. This provides an increase in revenue for the citizens of South Fulton, job opportunities, along while advancing economic development and community involvement.

The current misconceptions of what is going on in our community is why it’s time to take leadership into our own hands. Gwen has stated that being born and raised here empowers her with tenacity, passion and a strong dedication to take South Fulton to another level as Mayor. Gwen stated, “No excuses, just results” for the betterment of the new South Fulton. Follow her campaign at