Meet Gretchen Torbert, District 2 City Council Candidate, Stonecrest

A Vibrant, Transparent, Heartfelt, Young and Successful Author of over 35 books. Dr. Torbert is a Life Coach, Humanitarian, Educator, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Mentor, Wife, Mother and Motivational Speaker who reaches the hearts of everyday people to give them inspiration through motivation.

Her story is real and will capture the hearts of many. Dr. Torbert is the Founder and CEO of Teachers Across the World, which houses over 100 chapters including the local chapter of Teachers of Atlanta that was developed to inspire and celebrate educators. Dr. Torbert uses the platform of Teachers Across the World to constantly seek great pioneers that have impacted the world of education including innovators, entrepreneurs, dreamers, visionaries and change agents. As she seeks out these individuals, she engages in personal development opportunities through literature, circumstances and positions. She has creatively overcome several challenges by zoning into her dreams and walking in her purpose. Her intention is to inspire and help others find their purpose. As a humanitarian and philanthropist, she connects with her community to save lives in amazing ways. This allows her to help others improve their lives in different capacities and to encourage them to live a life that is promising towards a future of hope and success.

As an advocate for contineous education, her Ph.D. journey has been a testimony to her persistent and loving spirit:
My degrees are really not about me but to bless HIM, to give HIM glory. I was told years ago that I would never finish high school but to GOD be the glory! After getting my high school diploma, I began college and was told…I would never FINISH! I persevered and obtained my two year Associates degree. GOD was not through with me yet…..from here, I completed my Bachelor’s degree not in 4 years…but in 7 YEARS (the number of completion)!

During this time, I could not decide between interior design, art, theater, being a lawyer, doctor or an actuary…so I decided to become an educator. Then, I was hired as an educator a week before I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree; needless to say GOD was trying to develop my testimony. Then, HE SPOKE clearly and said “Keep going…I have more work for you to do….” I was blessed to receive my Master’s degree. GOD was still not THROUGH WITH ME YET…..there is still more work for you to do! From here, I received my Specialist’s degree! HE said don’t stop just yet…..KEEP GOING! I YELLED BACK…..REALLY??? HE said, YES. I obeyed and said, “OKAY, HELP ME JESUS!”

When I began my Ph.D., I thought I was learning a foreign language of French, Spanish and a plethora of other different languages all at once…But the Holy Spirit kicked in and made it easier for me to understand. Learning, researching and writing became easy…a gift from GOD, whatever I needed HE provided. Then, GOD said do not stop get your Certified Holistic Life Coach Certification- so I did! Looking back, it really wasn’t about the Ph.D. or getting the other 6 degrees it was about the journey, the TESTIMONY!

Only JESUS….I am writing several books that will include parts of my testimony in it, but the biggest piece to all of this was Philippians 4:13, plus many more scriptures! I gain, I hurt, I healed, I cried, I laughed, I died to self and now I live for HIM and only HIM, leaping into destiny! In addition to my educational endeavors, it is my mission to serve and inspire others.

Moving forward she is on the quest to share her story of developing her education with the world. Dr. Gretchen Torbert, Ph.D., CHLC is available for speaking engagements, symposiums or conference guest appearances, her products/ books are also available for give- a-ways and distributions.