Massacre mystery solved: White House aide meant Orlando, not Atlanta

On Wednesday, we told you about this Daily Beast report:

White House press secretary Sean Spicer has repeatedly pointed to Atlanta, along with San Bernardino and Boston, as one of three U.S. cities that have been attacked by Islamist terrorists to argue that the Trump administration needed to act quickly to prevent another attack in the future.

But Atlanta has never been attacked by jihadists of that flavor, which left many scratching their heads. The mystery has now been solved:

In an email to ABC News on Wednesday, Spicer finally addressed his repeated reference to an Atlanta terror attack, writing that he “clearly meant Orlando.”


Spicer’s about-face, claiming that he was referring to the deadly massacre in June at Orlando’s gay Pulse nightclub, comes on the heels of Conway’s repeated reference to the non-existent Bowling Green massacre, which she has now acknowledged never happened.

One’s in Georgia. The other’s in Florida. One had a mass rampage that ended with 49 dead. The other didn’t. But Atlanta and Orlando both have three syllables and begin with vowels. An easy mistake.


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