Many support immigration order

The White House spent Monday defending the Immigration Order. The order blocks people from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the U.S. For the next 90 days. President Donald Trump repeatedly said it’s aimed at protecting the nation against extremists looking to attack America.

Brad Carver is the 11th circuit Chairman of for the Georgia Republican Party. He says he was surprised by the number of protests across the country since President Trump is doing exactly what he said he’d do if elected. “I see these protesters and I think they misunderstand what President Trump is trying to do and that’s to secure our homeland and protect the American people of all races, religions and genders,” said Carver.

Some travelers passing through Hartsfield Jackson International Airport say they fully support the President’s mission to keep the country safe. “It’s not a ban on immigrants, it’s just vetting. We welcome immigrants, we just want to be safe,” said Kathy Theriault.

Mrs. Theriault and her husband realize the order could impact families, college students and employees, but they say protecting the country against terrorists is a top priority. “I know it’s hard on a lot of people, but it’s our country, safety first,” said Leonard Theriault.

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