Man Dies after Crashing Vehicle into Fallen Tree

A man died Monday morning when the vehicle he was driving slammed into a fallen tree in northwest Atlanta.

Firefighters said the man, Marion Webb, Jr., 81, identified as hit the tree, which came crashing down just before 6 a.m. Monday in the 3400 block of Woodhaven Drive Road. The man was pronounced dead at the scene. His identity hasn’t been released at this time. Neighbors who found the accident notified a doctor who lives on the street. He tried to help the victim, but there wasn’t anything he could do.

At the time of the accident the road was wet and dark. Neighbors told FOX 5 the street lights weren’t working, possibly due to the fallen tree.

“All the street lights were out. There’s just no way he could have seen that coming around the curve,” said Brad Hammond, who lives on Woodhaven Road near the Governor’s Mansion.

Hammond saw the massive tree trunk on the vehicle in the middle of the road as he was pulling out of his driveway at 6:10 a.m. He ran to the home of his neighbor-who happens to be a doctor-when he suspected someone was trapped inside.

“I gave my neighbor a boost. He climbed over the vehicle and on to the tree. Reached for the driver’s arm to see if he had a pulse, but there wasn’t a pulse, ” Hammond said in front of his home November 9.

Firefighters believe the 81 year old Decatur man, who died on the scene, was on his way to work since tools and other items were found in his vehicle.

It’s just a terrible tragedy. You expect the trees to come down with all the wind and rain we’ve had. But you just never expect this,” said Woodhaven Road resident Walter Cheatham.

Webb family declined to comment, but neighbors describe Webb as a hard worker and very friendly. Neighbor Erika Wheeler said Webb and her husband were friends, and that Webb would often pet Wheeler’s dog and talk to her children.

Other Damage from Storms

There were many other storm related issues reported after heavy rain rolled through metro Atlanta over the weekend. Thousands were also left without power.

In Decatur a tree came down on Ponce de Leon Avenue and Artwood, not far from Scott Boulevard. At least eight blocks lost electricity as a result. This morning crews were still on the scene repairing a pole that fed power to the traffic light. Drivers are reminded to treat all non working traffic lights as 4-way-stops.

In southwest Atlanta a tree fell on Joseph Lowery Boulevard, nearly hitting resident Andy Price’s home. The only thing keeping the house from being wiped out were the power lines the tree landed on. Price told FOX 5 he’s worried what will happen if those lines snap. Price and a number of his neighbors spent the night in cold dark homes without power.

Not far away on Queen Street another tree came crashing down. This one blocked the road and hit two vehicles.

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Georgia Power is asking the public to be patient as their crews work to restore service.

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