Listen Closely to Robin Bacior’s Latest Album

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Robin BaciorLight It Moved MeSpirit House
At first glance, Robin Bacior’s Light It Moved Me could be mistaken for a lulling diversion. Her graceful voice, elegant piano (with occasional accents of wistful French horn and trumpet), and luminous melodies seem to be the stuff of genteel, even quaint, contemplation. But there’s no denying the roiling emotions on this quietly gripping album, which ponders the illusion of control on “Modern Confusion,” where Bacior sings, “We don’t have a reason to come down/We don’t have a clue,” and confronts a crumbling relationship in “Fight For It,” when she observes, “I tried to do my part/I learned I’m not so pure of heart,” with the ongoing struggle for enlightenment underscoring every track. While Bacior’s music can serve as a beautiful background, it’s far more rewarding if you’re paying attention.