Liberals Notch a Victory in Wisconsin

Jill for Justice

For indispensable reporting on the coronavirus crisis and more, subscribe to Mother Jones’ newsletters.It looks like all the efforts by Republicans to suppress the vote for a Supreme Court justice in Wisconsin didn’t pay off:
A liberal challenger is projected to defeat the conservative incumbent for a seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, a key race at the heart of Democratic accusations that Republicans risked voters’ health and safety by going forward with last week’s elections amid the coronavirus pandemic. Jill Karofsky defeated Daniel Kelly, whom then-Gov. Scott Walker (R) appointed to the state’s high court in 2016, according to a projection issued by the Associated Press.
Apparently Republican duplicity did nothing but piss off liberals and motivate them to vote come hell or social distancing. It turns out there are limits to just how barefaced you can be.
BTW, we’ve seen the same effect in states that instituted photo ID laws. These laws did make it harder for certain demographic groups to vote, but it also seems to have lit a fire under them. Combine the two things and the effect of photo ID laws has been perceptible but pretty small.