Kraft Invents New Way to Trick Your Kids Into Eating Kraft Products

Kraft is providing parents with a new ploy to trick their kids into eating salads:
The food company is disguising its ranch dressing and relabeling it as salad “frosting,” packaging it in a slim white tube with flecks of vibrant color that resembles a confetti cake. The deception that parents can wield to get their kids to eat healthful foods is at the heart of the marketing initiative.
Healthful foods? Ranch dressing gets practically all of its calories from fat: aside from water, it’s made out of oil, eggs, sugar, salt, and buttermilk. It may be delicious, but healthy it’s not.
I’ve always been curious about something. Maybe one of you knows the answer. Which is healthier: (a) a salad topped with ranch dressing, or (b) nothing, along with some nutritional supplements? This whole thing reminds me of broccoli covered in cheese for folks who can’t get their hubby to eat vegetables. But it’s not as if the broccoli magically sucks all the bad stuff out of cheese. Once you combine the two, just how healthy is it, really?